“Talents Scheme” for Shizhong District of Jinan City
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“Talents Scheme” for Shizhong District of Jinan City


I .Project of “Jingwei Leading Talents”

Supporting Targets: cultivate and introduce in the innovative talents or teams who having advanced and key technology, leading the development of key industries and driving the transition and upgrade of enterprises, and talents starting a business in Shizhong District by introducing in the technology, projects and funds.

Supporting policies: for the innovative and high-end talents or teams, RMB 5 million yuan at most can be provided. For the high-end entrepreneurs or teams, RMB 6 million yuan at most can be provided. For the top talents or teams at home and abroad, the way of “Case-for-Case” is adopted and special support is given. Through the declaration of Shizhong District, for ones’ being selected into the “Project of 5150 Multiplication Plan of Introducing in Talents for the City of Spring”, “Supporting Plan of Industrial Leading Talents for the City of Spring” and key talents project in above level, in accordance with the amount of funds of national and provincial talent support, the highest supporting of 1:1 will be provided.   

II.Jingwei Elite Scheme Project

Supporting targets: excellent entrepreneurs in key enterprises, high-end management talents and outstanding scientific talent teams.  

Supporting policies: individual rewards of 45% contribution lines of the highest individual annual salary income will be given one-time. A batch of meritorious talents, who have larger contributions to local economy elected in recent three years, will be given the individual reward of RMB 1 million yuan to the highest degree.  

III.Project of “Jingwei Excellent Talents”

Supporting Targets: the professional technical personnel, managerial and administrative personnel, highly skilled talents, rural practical talents, social work personnel and the talents in other fields and industries, who are working and have made outstanding contributions to Shizhong District.      

Supporting Policies: the selectees will be given the living allowances of RMB 1,000 yuan per month for each person. For the personnel, who have been selected into the talent project above the municipal level, the one-time individual rewards of RMB 2,000 to 30,000 yuan will be given.  

IV. Project of “ Jingwei Young Talents”

Supporting targetsthe doctoral candidates and master degree candidates introduced in and trained in the enterprises and parks in the district, and selected in “rental allowances and living allowances newly introduced in by enterprises” plan.  

Supporting policies: the rental and living allowances for the doctoral candidates (RMB 1,500 yuan per month) and master degree candidates (RMB 1,000 yuan per month) from the Municipal Finance Bureau. The district finance bureau shall undertake subsidies according to the proportion of 50%. After enjoying the three-year municipal subsidy, the district finance subsidy can extend to 5 years. For the college student entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurship academy stationed in Shizhong District can enjoy the policy of rental reduction and exemption.   

V .Support the innovation and entrepreneurship platform 

For the platforms of sci-tech innovation, like national, provincial and municipal key (engineering) labs, engineering (engineering) research center, enterprise technical center and industrial and technological center introduced in and newly approved, the subsidy of RMB 1 million yuan will be given to the highest degree. The working station of post-doctoral studies above the municipal level (innovative and practice base and innovative working station) newly approved, provincial academician workstation, provincial international science and technology cooperation platform, municipal academician (expert) working station, etc. will be given the financial subsidy of RMB 500,000 yuan. The national skill master working shop newly approved, provincial technician working station and the municipal chief technician working station will enjoy the subsidy of RMB 100,000 yuan to the highest degree.   

The government departments and public institutions, parks, enterprises, universities and colleges and scientific research institutions in the district establish all kinds of institutions, practical training teaching and training bases are encouraged in the district. Financial support in sci-tech conditions, talents introduction, etc. will be given. For the industrial technology research institutes and achievement transformation institutes introduced in and established, the way of Case-for-Case is adopted and financial support will be given.      

VI .Support the talent introduction of marketization

The intermediary organs, social organizations and individuals are encouraged to take part in the introduction work of high-level talent teams. Overseas Talent Exchange Station and Talent-Resource ambassadors are established. Through the check and approval, for the innovators and entrepreneurs and teams successfully introduced in and selected into the key talent projects above the municipal level and creating economic and social benefit, the reward of RMB 600,000 yuan at most will be given.     

VII.Strengthen the service guarantee

High-level talents matching the policy conditions can enjoy the treatments, like settling down, learning and training, talent apartment, placement of spouse, children’s education and transferring schools, diagnosis and treatment window, physical examination, medical leave and purchasing life accident insurance, etc. For the high-level talents, who have done outstanding contribution to Shizhong District, are preferentially introduced to take part in relevant government activities, the selection of all kinds of talent engineer, participate in politics and offering advice.     


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