Jinan People’s Government’ Supplementary Opinions on Further Promoting the Development of Biomedical Industry
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To each district and county people’s government, and each department of the municipal government,

To further support the bio-pharmaceutical enterprise to be bigger and stronger, and to promote the rapid development of the bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry, now the supplementary opinions as follows are rendered as regards “the Opinions on Further Promoting the Development of Bioengineering and Pharmaceutical Industry”(JIZHENG FA2016No. 1).

1.Clarify the conditions of identification for the supported bio-pharmaceutical enterprises

Bio-pharmaceutical headquarter enterprises that register in our city with the registered capital of above 500 million yuan, having more than 2 holding subsidiaries with aggregate operating revenue more than 10 billion yuan, shall be identified as supported bio-pharmaceutical enterprise.

2.Support bio-pharmaceutical enterprises to increase R&D input

At the end of the year, the eligible bio-pharmaceutical enterprises shall be subsidized at 15 percent of its actual annual R&D input, whereas the offset that has been rendered in line with the relevant regulations of provincial and municipal enterprises research and development financial subsidies will not be double-counted when reviewing the subsidy amount.

3.Raise the award standards of new drug research and development

For the eligible bio-pharmaceutical enterprises, the reward standards for new drugs are classified as: category 1 drug-like rewards of 10 million yuan, category 2 drug-like and biosimilar rewards of 5 million yuan, and the first three category 3 and 4 post-market drugs rewards of 3 million.

4.Make good arrangements of fund appropriation of rewards

The subsidy for bio-pharmaceutical enterprises will be undertaken by the city and the district where the enterprise is located in light of the current financial system, the subsidy on municipal public finance part will be appropriated to the district where the enterprise is located, and the district shall be responsible for appropriating the municipal and district-level subsidies to the relevant enterprises.

This supplementary opinion shall come into effect since 2018, valid until Dec. 31, 2018. 

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